Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bogota - A snapshot

One thing I did not know is that Bogota is cold. Really, really cold. And rainy. Its also a really old city, with so many small lanes and tiny shops which suddenly open out to wide roads and multi-storied office buildings. Its a really nice city, but being fans of small towns ourselves and having heard great things about Colombia's countryside, our time at the bustling capital was limited to two days. 

Here is a quick snapshot of our stay in Bogota, Colombia.

A common area just outside our hostel dorm:

Santa and the mechanized raindeer a peaceful protest:

Graffiti and street art abound in Bogota:

More graffiti and rain:

Random vegetarian restaurant discovered by Swami while walking down the street:

Small alleyways abound:

A pretty street corner building, this is a hotel:

This super narrow path actually has a street name and leads to our hostel, the pink building at the end:

Another vegetarian restaurant, spotted in random by Swami

The plaze de bolivar at night

Plenty of soy protein options to choose from in the local supermarket

Confections displayed at a shop window, they looked so indian:

At the museo de oro (gold museum)

Indian actress Asin! On a poster in Colombia in front of a Hare Krishna run vegetarian restaurant. Do you think Asin knows this?


  1. Wow ... love the shot of the wet street!

  2. So despite the hype, its pretty safe?

  3. Great pics! Loving the updates...keep them coming!

  4. nice updates, felt like I was there..keep posting

  5. @Palani: It is a pretty town, definitely recommend a visit
    @J: Yep, its as safe as any other country we've visited so far. We've not felt unsafe at any time yet.
    @Pushpa, Kiki & Mudita: Thanks!


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